Hannah Kardux ’13

Businesswoman. Networker. Executive.

Fashion Business alumna Hannah Kardux’s fashion internship turned into a full-time dream job.

Hannah Kardux is living proof that the right internships pay off. As a fashion business student at Columbia College Chicago, she connected with Raaja Nemani, Co-Founder and CEO of fashion shoe startup BucketFeet, at a campus event hosted by the Columbia College Fashion Association (where she served as president for most of her college career).

The day after she graduated, she started as a BucketFeet intern—and 10 weeks later, she was hired on full-time to oversee the company’s retail sites. Today, she jet sets between the company’s stores in Chicago and New York City. Here, she talks about her networking chops, personal style and why Midwest remains the best.

How long have you known you wanted to work in fashion?

I’d say probably my freshman year of high school. I knew I wanted to go into the fashion business side of things. I’ve always loved clothes and style, being able to express myself with how I dress. I’ve always had an eye for that side of business.

How would you describe your own style?

Bohemian comfy chic. For the most part, I choose comfort. I love to accessorize—I think that’s an easy way to put together an outfit that really stands out.

What were the most memorable parts of your time at Columbia?

Definitely the network that I was able to build. I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing today if I wasn’t given the opportunity to meet some of the individuals in the field through Columbia. I still have great relationships with my professors, and the fashion studies department has great mentors.

The class that stands out the most is the entrepreneurship class that I took. It was a huge turning point for my career decisions. I learned that I had the ability to start something on my own. I think sometimes that can be intimidating, but because I took that class I realized that I could do that.

What ways has Columbia prepared you for the professional world?

I was really fortunate to be involved with the Columbia College Fashion Association. Really, just having events on campus—opening the door to those opportunities, so I could walk through and network and meet those individuals.

Do you like working in New York?

I do. It’s a different energy. I like being able to go back and forth—I’m definitely a Midwest girl at heart. I love Chicago. I still think it’s the best city.