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Audio: Discussion about "The Emotional Mind"
Interview with Colbey Reid, Chair of the Fashion Studies Department at Columbia College Chicago

Minding Emotions Video Podcast

Metaphysics and You
Length: 1:04:30

Music Edition
Length: 1:00:33

Pleasure and Addiction
Length: 1:03:22

Why are human emotions unique?
Length: 1:03:13

Are emotions in the brain?
Length: 1:04:54

Minding emotions: Culture and cognition
Length: 59:53

Emotions for survival
Length: 57:39

Are emotions a social construct?
Length: 1:04:27

The evolution of emotion
Length: 1:06:13

Scientific American Puppet Videos
Research Group for Mind, Science, and Culture

Are you a puppet to your emotions?
Length: 2:41

The evolution of emotion
Length: 3:01

Neuroscience and the Soul
Research Group for Mind, Science, and Culture

Is the soul an outdated concept? Brain science, psychology, and philosophy are brought to bear on one of the oldest questions.
Length: 14:38

Stephen Asma on BBC World News
Stephen Asma

Dr. Asma discusses the universality of monster culture.
Length: 5 minutes

Stephen Asma Lecture
Center for Values in Medicine, Science, and Technology

Evolution of Imagination and Creativity
Length: 1:15:45

Stephen Asma Lecture
College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University Digital Commons

Against Fairness
Length: 1:08:02

Philosophical Implication of Affective Neuroscience

Published in the Journal of Consciousness Studies
Jaak Panksepp, Stephen Asma, Rami Gabriel, Tom Greif, Glennon Curran

These papers are based on the Research Group's Symposium at the COGSCI Conference in 2010.
1. Naturalizing the Mammalian Mind (Jaak Panksepp) 2. Modularity in Cognitive Psychology and Affective Neuroscience (Rami Gabriel) 3. Affective Neuroscience and the Philosophy of Self (Stephen Asma and Tom Greif) 4. Affective Neuroscience and Law (Glennon Curran and Rami Gabriel)

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