Interactive Arts and Media

Play and interactivity are key features of our media and our everyday lives.

In Interactive Arts and Media, you will work with new technologies to creative interactive and immersive experiences across media, platforms and environments. The department is a hub for new media exploration, technological innovation and meaningful integration throughout the School of Media Arts. You'll work with convergent media forms, and can focus on animation for film and videogames, motion graphics and visual effects for film and television, game design and development, game and application programming, interactive and game sound, augmented and virtual reality, and interaction design.

You'll cross-train with Columbia's talented faculty of user experience designers, animators, game developers, programmers, and visual effects artists -- they'll become some of your best collaborators and help bring your ideas to life. With cutting-edge courses that keep pace with emerging technologies, you'll prepare for life as an immersive multimedia storyteller and be well-versed in new media industries. The curriculum thoughtfully integrates programming, interaction design, narrative technique, new media theory, project management, team building, marketing and entrepreneurship to explore the full potential of programming, code, interaction, and immersion in entertainment and everyday life.

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