Semester in LA


At SiLA, we see an internship as a natural bridge between the classroom and the professional world. It can give you a deeper understanding of how the West Coast entertainment and communication industries work and insight into what opportunities exist for your skill set.

You'll be required to work a minimum of 75 hours per semester at an internship in your field. Los Angeles companies typically expect students to work 2-3 days each week during the spring and fall semesters, and 3-5 days each week if you attend the summer semester.

Upon acceptance into SiLA, you’ll meet with the Career Center, create a free account with Handshake, and attend an orientation on the internship process. The SiLA Program Manager will guide you through the internship search and serve as your advisor throughout.

The intern experience is attached to a 3-credit academic course in which you’ll regularly meet with peers and a Los Angeles instructor to discuss career development. Most SiLA courses are scheduled for late afternoon or early evening so you can attend your internship during regular business hours.

Students must get permission from SiLA before accepting an internship offer. Please email or phone (323) 860-5460 before committing.

Answers to FAQ:

  • Your internship in Los Angeles may be paid or unpaid.
  • You may do more than one internship during the semester.
  • Successful placement depends on your qualifications and experience, as well as the quality and timeliness of the application.
  • Most companies hire interns well-before the semester begins and expect you to stay a minimum of 12 weeks. Many well-known internship programs are offered only in the summer (particularly talent and advertising agencies).
  • Internships can be quite competitive, so start your search early.

Columbia Internship Award

The Columbia Internship Award was established to defray the tuition costs associated with an unpaid internship. Visit the Student Financial Services site for more information.