Semester in LA

One Week Workshops

Each year, we also offer our Summer and J-Term Career Exploration workshops. Outside the main SiLA program, these short, intense 1-credit workshops are intended for small groups (no more than 12) who have a targeted interest. They offer valuable insight into a specific field and provide useful information on how your skill set can be applied to a profession.

Led by seasoned industry professionals, you’ll tour creative workspaces, gain hands-on experience, explore resources available to newcomers, learn about emerging career paths–and get course credit for it. Come prepared with a resume and creative materials appropriate to your field. Disciplines rotate each year. 

  • J-Term - Explorations in Career Development

    Explorations in Career Development – An Actor's Guide to Hollywood
    THEA 389 – 2 credits
    J-Term, January 3-14

    Get the lay of the land of the business from people in the business....

    Offered during J-Term, students travel to Los Angeles for 10 days to get the low-down on the business of acting in the City of Angels. The agenda for the course is packed with experience, information and industry connections. Watch a live taping of a show. Tour Universal Studios. This intensive 2-credit course led by Actor Behzad Dabu will give you an immersive Hollywood experience–and get you out of Chicago for 10 days in January. For more information, please contact Brian Shaw at as this program has a separate application process.


Program fee

We charge one credit of tuition (see Columbia Central for current credit hour costs) + a Study Away fee of $1,420 for our Summer Career Exploration workshops.

This fee includes:

  • 6 Nights double room
  • Transportation to program activities
  • Admission and entrance fees
  • Welcome dinner, alumni reception and some meals

Airfare is NOT included in program fee.