Semester in LA

One Week Workshops

Each year, we also offer our Summer and J-Term Career Exploration workshops. Outside the main SiLA program, these short, intense 1-credit workshops are intended for small groups (no more than 12) who have a targeted interest. They offer valuable insight into a specific field and provide useful information on how your skill set can be applied to a profession.

Led by seasoned industry professionals, you’ll tour creative workspaces, gain hands-on experience, explore resources available to newcomers, learn about emerging career paths–and get course credit for it. Come prepared with a resume and creative materials appropriate to your field. Disciplines rotate each year. 

Program fee

We charge one credit of tuition (see Columbia Central for current credit hour costs) + a Study Away fee of $1,420 for our Summer Career Exploration workshops.

This fee includes:

Airfare is NOT included in program fee.