COVID-19 Guidelines – Updated Fall 2023

COVID-19 guidelines effective September 1, 2023, are below. The college will update these precautions based on COVID trends, official guidance, expert advice, and consultation with campus stakeholders, including staff and faculty constituent groups. 


The CDC strongly encourages everyone to be fully up-to-date with their COVID-19 vaccinations and annual flu shots, including booster doses when eligible. Vaccines are available at local pharmacies. Although the COVID-19 vaccine and flu vaccine are not required, we know they are effective in reducing the severity of symptoms and mitigating the spread of the virus. 


We will continue to have an indoor mask optional policy for all campus spaces.  

If you are experiencing COVID-like symptoms or any other respiratory illnesses you should wear a mask.  


Community members who test positive should isolate according to CDC guidance.  


Notification of a COVID-related matter is no longer required and reporting procedures for COVID are the same as for any other illness.  

Students who test positive should contact their instructors to arrange for any work missed due to illness. We continue to ask faculty members to be flexible with students who are ill or recovering.  

Questions regarding these procedures can be directed to Human Resources at

The following faculty and staff protocols are in place to promote the health and safety of the Columbia College Chicago community.

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  • Employees will no longer be required to be vaccinated or boosted, though this remains strongly encouraged. This means employees who previously had to be tested weekly will no longer be required to do so.
  • Follow individual health and safety procedures, such as masking according to the college's announced risk level, complying with contact tracing, staying home if you feel sick, avoiding close contact with individuals who are sick, and reporting illness.
  • Get IT support. If you are in need of desktop support, schedule an appointment here. If you need technology support, please submit a TDX ticket and a tech will contact you.
  • Maintain respect for others. Columbia will not tolerate any negative treatment against individuals based on their vaccination status. In addition, as we increase our in-person interactions, please keep in mind that individuals’ comfort levels may not be the same as yours, and continue to be patient and considerate with one another.  

Safety Protocols 

All individuals are required to follow masking precautions on campus based on the college's announced risk level. For more details, please review the New COVID-19 precautions for Fall 2022

Policy Enforcement

  • Face coveringsManagers are responsible for addressing issues of non-compliance directly with their employees.  In cases where there are concerns about exceptions or sensitive circumstances, managers should contact Human Resources for guidance. Disciplinary action may include written warnings, suspension, or termination for failure to abide by the college’s safety measures.

If you notice someone is not observing the College’s policies, we recommend the following: 

  • Assume they are unaware of the non-compliance (lack of face covering may be inadvertent), and if you are comfortable doing so, bring it to their attention.
  • Remind the person of the requirements of the policy, emphasizing our mutual responsibility for protecting the health of all persons on campus. 
  • If the individual refuses to comply, ask that they leave the area or notify Campus Security.