Faculty and Staff Guidance

As the college welcomes faculty, staff, students, and community members back to campus, the following faculty and staff protocols are in place to promote the health and safety of the Columbia College Chicago community.

Back to Campus Checklist

  • Upload your vaccination card to COVID Navigator before returning to campus or if you do not plan to get vaccinated, review the testing requirements for unvaccinated individuals below. Employees will need to access COVID Navigator via this secure link and should not download or use the COVID Navigator mobile app. Please be aware that it will take 24 hours before your vaccination status has been processed and your card will be activated. If your card is not activated, you will not be permitted to enter campus.
  • Get IT support. If you are in need of desktop support, schedule an appointment here. If you need technology support, please submit a TDX ticket and a tech will contact you.
  • Check out the Faculty FAQs for guidance on communicating to students about back to campus policies and to take the time to develop a safe and respectful classroom environment. 
  • If you are a manager, review the Manager Information Guide and Resouces page to help promote the college's updated COVID-19 rules with employees and the campus community. 
  • Follow individual health and safety procedures, such as masking, complying with contact tracing, staying home if you feel sick, avoiding close contact with individuals who are sick, and reporting illness to securitycommand@colum.edu.
  • Maintain respect for others. Please be aware that unvaccinated members of our community will be taking extra precautions, including masking, distancing, and testing, in the interests of everyone's health. Columbia will not tolerate any negative treatment against individuals based on their vaccination status. In addition, as we increase our in-person interactions, please keep in mind that individuals’ comfort levels may not be the same as yours, and continue to be patient and considerate with one another.  
  • Provide evidence of testing if you are unvaccinated. Please review the Regular Testing Requirements for Unvaccinated individuals section.

Safety Protocols 

All individuals are required to wear a college-approved type of face covering at all times (except in planned classroom situations approved by the Office of the Provost and with added precautions in place, or in one’s dorm room). 

In addition, unvaccinated individuals – or people who may be vaccinated but have not uploaded evidence of vaccination or people who may be vaccinated against COVID-19 but college records do not yet reflect their vaccination status – will be required to:

Vaccinated individuals are not required to socially distance or test, but always have the option of doing so.

Policy Enforcement

  • Face coveringsManagers are responsible for addressing issues of non-compliance directly with their employees.  In cases where there are concerns about exceptions or sensitive circumstances, managers should contact Human Resources for guidance.

    Disciplinary action may include written warnings, suspension, or termination for failure to abide by the college’s safety measures.

  • Testing — Unvaccinated employees who are out of compliance with the testing requirement will be denied entry to campus buildings, unpaid time off will be applied to the day or days in question, and their managers will be notified. Unvaccinated employees who do not follow the testing protocols will be subject to discipline.

If you notice someone is not observing the College’s policies, we recommend the following: 

  • Assume they are unaware of the non-compliance (lack of face covering or distancing may be inadvertent), and if you are comfortable doing so, bring it to their attention.
  • Remind the person of the requirements of the policy, emphasizing our mutual responsibility for protecting the health of all persons on campus. 
  • If the individual refuses to comply, ask that they leave the area or notify Campus Security.

Faculty should upload their vaccination cards no later than a week in advance of their planned return to campus in order to allow for processing time. As soon as the college receives evidence of vaccination and updates it to the system, individuals will no longer be required to test.