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We’re excited to start the fall semester so that students can come back in person to collaborate, create, and move toward their academic goals. To do so, we have implemented policies and practices to promote a safe campus environment, which includes enhanced cleaning and sanitizing measures, public health advice from experts regarding our safety precautions, and requiring student vaccination on campus.  

We are a college for creatives where hands-on learning and collaboration are at the heart of what we do. After consultation with health and legal experts, Columbia made the decision to require students to vaccinate in order to manage risk and promote safety.

We are leveraging vaccination, testing and other precautions to resume educational activities  which will allow us to offer students more opportunities and to ensure that they have a full and rewarding college experience.  

To learn more about student requirements and protocols, please review the Back Together, Columbia Student Guidance section of this website.

If you have questions please contact:
Columbia Central:
Office of the Registrar:
COVID-19 Assistance:

The following dates and deadlines were communicated to students prior to the fall semester:


Students in Residence Halls:
Residential students will need to upload their vaccination cards to MedProctor no later than August 20The deadline for residential students to upload their vaccination status is August 27, however, it will take 5 business days before your vaccination status has been processed and for your card to be activated. If your card is not activated, you will not be permitted to enter campus. You are considered fully vaccinated two weeks after the final dose.


All students not living in campus housing:

Students who have not uploaded a vaccination record by end of day on Sunday, August 29 will have their classes dropped on Monday, August 30, and will not be able to re-register until they show evidence of vaccination. 
Students who have not yet begun the vaccination process can still do so, with three important conditions:  

  1. The first dose MUST occur no later than August 29; at which time you must receive either a first dose of Pfizer or Moderna or the single dose of Johnson & Johnson.  
  2. Students who receive a first vaccine dose between the 25th and 29th will only be able to begin classes on September 13, and will miss the first week of the semester.  
  3. Any student starting the semester with only one dose of either the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine will need to produce a negative test that is no more than two days old to enter campus buildings. Only tests conducted on campus are acceptable to fulfill this requirement. Students will need to keep testing until they reach two weeks after their second dose.  

Students who received a first dose no later than August 24 will be able to start the semester normally on September 7, but will be subject to the same testing requirement as above. 

Students who hold a college-approved vaccination exemption will be able to attend class, subject to meeting the COVID testing requirement (details below). 
Students who receive a dose after August 29 will not be able to attend in fall semester, except for international students who just arrived and had no access to vaccination in their home country. 
Uploading your vaccination status is also REQUIRED to start the semester  

Being vaccinated is not enough: you must upload your vaccination card hereFailure to upload your vaccination status may disrupt your ability to start attending classes, even if you are vaccinated. 

If you receive an on-campus vaccination at 618 S. Michigan, you do not need to upload a COVID-19 vaccination card; the College will receive the information from the CareATC team administering doses.  If you would like to receive your vaccine on campus, schedule an appointment online through the VAXQ website
Please note: Once Columbia has received documentation that you are fully vaccinated, it will take 5 business days to update your record and for your Campus Card to become active. If your Campus Card is not activated, you will not be permitted to enter campus so you must upload ASAP.  Please factor this into your plans when visiting campus. 

This deadline extension brings a couple of caveats: 

  • If you get a dose August 25-29 you will miss the first week of classes. 
  • If you elect to take the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine you will need to test every two days until two weeks after the time you receive your final dose. 
Data shows that the first dose of the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines are comparable to the single-dose Johnson and Johnson vaccine, but that is only the case if one waits at least two weeks after the dose is received. Therefore, if you vaccinate between August 25 – 29 you will not be able to attend classes during the first week of the semester. However, if you vaccinate by August 29, you will be able to start the fall semester during the 2nd week of classes on September 14.

THIS IS NOT AN EXCEPTION FROM GETTING BOTH DOSES. Because you will not be fully vaccinated as defined by the CDC until after two weeks after your second dose, (and in fairness to the fully vaccinated people on campus) we are putting in place a testing requirement on top of the requirement that you remain masked at all times like all other members of the campus community.  

Students who choose this option will have to follow additional steps before they can attend classes without the below, restrictions.  

Students with just one dose of Moderna or Pfizer will need to:    
  • Test for COVID-19 on campus regularly: To enter any campus building, these students will need to show evidence of a negative COVID-19 test that is no more than two days old. Only COVID-19 tests taken on campus at 618 S. Michigan will be accepted. Students will need to do this until they are two weeks past their second dose of the vaccine course. To make an appointment, please call 844-766-3775 (phone line is open Monday-Friday from 7 a.m.-7 p.m.; leave a message on the weekends--no appointment guarantee). Walk-ins are not permitted.   
  • Get their second dose of Pfizer or Moderna in a timely fashion  (three weeks after the first dose of Pfizer, and four weeks after the first dose of Moderna) in order to finish the semester. The second dose is required to get the vaccine’s full efficacy and durability.    
The Moderna vaccine is available on campus (in limited supply). 

For information on the requirement and on how to upload your vaccination card, please go to Students with questions regarding the COVID-19 vaccination policy, how to submit their COVID-19 vaccination card, and how to request an exemption can email