Reporting a Case

If you are a close contact or become sick with COVID-19, please follow instructions below. 

Reporting a Positive COVID-19 Case

  • Please report your positive case through this intake form
  • Please notify the Contact Tracing Unit at and Campus Security at
  • Students should also report a positive COVID-19 test result to the Student Health Center by emailing with your name, MyColumbia ID number, date of birth, contact information (phone and email address), and a photo of your documentation that includes your name. 

This notification triggers contact tracing, the process through which you will help us to identify others who may have been exposed to you while you were on campus and may have been contagious.

You are required to notify Campus Security if you are a campus community member who:

  • Has been diagnosed with COVID-19.
  • Is waiting for test results because you are experiencing symptoms and currently
  • Recently had close contact with a diagnosed case of COVID-19. 

Additional Notification

  • Students: Contact your campus supervisor if you work on campus.
  • Employees: Contact Human Resources at and notify your supervisor of your absence.

Reporting that you are a Close Contact 

If you are a close contact of someone with COVID-19, please complete this survey for guidance and read below for additional guidance based on your circumstance. 

Guidance for Close Contacts who do not have symptoms

  • Close contacts who do not have symptoms must wear a mask for 10 days, but no longer have to quarantine for the first 5 days even if they are unvaccinated or unboosted. They are still required to get tested.
  • If you are a close contact, you have to test either via a PCR test at Day 6 (where the day of close contact counts as Day Zero), or test negative three times on a rapid antigen/home test: The first time on the day you find out you were a close contact, the second time 48 hours after and the third time 48 hours after the second test. You should wear a mask at all times for the full 10 days even if you test negative.
  • As noted above, you must report that you are a close contact to the college.

Guidance for Close Contacts who do have symptoms

  • Anyone with symptoms that could indicate COVID-19 must get tested and isolate pending test results.
  • People with symptoms may take one PCR test or may use two rapid antigen/home tests 48 hours apart as an alternative to a PCR test to rule out COVID-19.
  • If using rapid antigen/home tests, you must test negative at least twice 48 hours apart on a rapid antigen/home test if you have symptoms. That means you must test when symptoms appear and, if negative, confirm your negative status with a second rapid antigen/home test 48 hours later.
  • You must isolate while waiting for the result of the PCR or the result of the second rapid antigen/home test.
  • Even after a negative test, if you still have symptoms, you should continue to wear a mask until symptoms resolve; while you may not have COVID-19, you may still be infectious to others with your cold or other illness.
  • If positive, you must report your case to the college