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cover art
Leanne Shapton, Untitled, 2009
(pattern painting).
Managing Editor
Cora Jacobs
Jeffrey Allen
Stephen Danos
Sarah Jedd
Sarah Kelley
Kat Sanchez
Editorial Board
Raul Alvarez
Benicia Blue
Ryan Courtwright
Jen Fitzgerald
Kelly Forsythe
Shay Lessman
Nathan Masters
Jacob Mays
Sara Peck
Kayla Sargeson
Ryann Wahl
Faculty Advisor
David Trinidad

No. 24, Spring 2011

Featuring work by: Amy Gerstler, D.A. Powell, Matthew Rohrer, G.C. Waldrep, Dean Young, and many more.

Sample Work

Amy Gerstler
Pale Queen

D.A. Powell
Once and Future Houseboy

Matthew Rohrer
Lighter in a Window

G.C. Waldrep
In the Narnia House

Dean Young
Wren Anting
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