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Jay Goebel, 2017

Managing Editor 

Cora Jacobs


David Fairbanks
Chrissy Martin
Doe Parker

Editorial Board 

David Ardis
Regina Clippard
James Firkins
Bethany Kanter
Celeste Manriquez
Dirk Marple
Maria Mendoza Cervantes
Vanessa Ramstack
Arquise Smith
Jake Wahlen
Michael Woods

Faculty Advisor

David Trinidad

No. 30, Spring 2017

Featuring work by: Hadara Bar-Nadav, Ching-In-Chen, Nate Marshall, Ladan Osman, Zachary Schomburg, and many more.


Sample Work

Hadara Bar-Nadav
Tuesday Blue

Day 28: Two Western-most provinces of Flemsh Region

Nate Marshall
to powdered milk


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