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Cover Art

Ladies on the Bus. Gail Kaszynski, 1972. Pen and colored marker.



Emily Bieniek
Harley Chapman
Regina Clippard
Camila Isopo
Christian Nisbit
Morgan Peacock
Sydney Sargis
Nick Weaver
Leslie Weibeler
Mica Woods

Managing Editor 

Cora Jacobs

Faculty Advisor 

David Trinidad


No. 31, Spring 2018

Featuring work by: Denise Duhamel, Eve L. Ewing, Hoa Nguyen, Ethel Rackin, Aaron Smith, and many more.


Sample Work

Denise Duhamel
Swedish Death Cleaning

Eve L. Ewing 
Notes from Linda, my camp counselor at the Logan Square YMCA

Hoa Nguyen
Hang Nail

Ethel Rackin
Say It with Flowers

Aaron Smith


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