Theatre Faculty Joe Janes and Andrea Dymond Collaborate on "Our Christian Nation"

Theatre adjunct faculty members Joe Janes ’13 and Andrea Dymond will premiere their satirical two-act play Our Christian Nation at The Cornservatory on Friday, March 24. Janes wrote and Dymond directed the play which boasts over 40 characters performed by 15 actors and covers a wide range of story lessons that include traditional biblical tales intertwined with American history. The satire extends to an alternative time period just before the biblical rapture where homosexuality is outlawed and a Reverend President is leading the United States of America.  Tickets can be purchased at Eventbrite.
Participating alums include:
Lauren Fisher, Theatre ‘05
Adam Ston, Theatre ‘12
Jelani West, Theatre ‘12
Joanna Wiener, Theatre ‘16
Tom Dean, Theatre ‘16
Participating students include:
Morgan Gold, Theatre
Bethany Schmieder, Theatre
Nicholas Polk, Theatre
Sarah Pollitt, Theatre
Aidan O’Connor, Theatre
Our Christian Nation
8-10 p.m.
March 24—April 29
4210 N. Lincoln Ave.