Katharine Hamerton at the Western Society for French History Annual Meeting

Humanities, History, and Social Sciences Associate Professor and governing council-member of the Western Society for French History (WSFH) Katharine Hamerton organized a panel during the group’s recent annual meeting. In addition to forming a panel, Hamerton delivered a paper titled "The Contagious Imagination, Fashion, and Augustinian Social Theory: Malebranche's Brain-Based Science of Society," and contributed to the increasing historical work connecting Malebranche to the Enlightenment.

WSFH’s annual meeting was centered on the theme “French History from the Edge,” which explores how the study of geographic peripheries, marginalized populations, the intersectionality of gender, race, and class, and interdisciplinary methodologies informs our understanding of France and Francophone worlds. The meeting was held from November 1-3 in Portland, Maine.