Office of the Provost Announces 2018 Excellence in Teaching Awards

Senior Vice President and Provost Stanley Wearden has announced Columbia’s finalists for the 2018 Excellence in Teaching Awards.

Full-time faculty members in consideration are American Sign Language Chair and Associate Professor Peter Cook and Fashion Studies Associate Chair and Associate Professor Dana Connell. Part-time faculty members considered for the award are David Antognoli from the Interactive Arts and Media Department and Music Department faculty member and private lesson instructor Peter Saxe.

Columbia’s 2018 Faculty Development Conference will culminate with presentations from each of the nominees on their education processes and core teaching values. All four faculty members are also invited to present a Master Class at next year’s Development Conference.

Excellence in Teaching Award Faculty Presentations
Wednesday, May 23
3:30-5:30 p.m.
Ferguson Lecture Hall
600 S. Michigan Ave.