Jammin' With Jane Raises Funds for Mobile COVID-19 Testing

Test Truck
Columbia College Chicago Events and Promotions students organize a series of virtual performances to raise funds for Team Test Truck, which offers mobile COVID-19 testing.

Columbia College Chicago students, along with faculty member Jane Canepa, are proud to announce their Jammin’ With Jane virtual event to support Team Test Truck, which will provide mobile COVID-19 testing in underserved Chicago neighborhoods.

This initiative started as a final project for Canepa’s Events and Promotions class. Canepa has taught for 29 years and through her non-traditional final exams, has raised funds for projects as wide-reaching as fish farms in Cambodia, libraries in Sudan, and veterans’ groups here at home. But this year is different: in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, her students have come together, partnered with Chicago’s Roseland Community Hospital, and created an ongoing virtual event to connect artists with the wider community and access to COVID-related healthcare with patients who need it most.

It’s been a rewarding process for the students involved. As one student, Celia Knox, said, “I love the behind the scenes work and the impact [this event has] on people and communities.” Canepa agrees, saying, “We have knocked it out of the box.”

The event includes live entertainment performed on Facebook Live. More information can be found on the group’s website, which also includes a place to donate to the truck and students who have been working on the event. Previous performances can be found on the Team Test Truck YouTube page. Performances will continue until May 31.


Rhiannon Koehler
Communications Manager