Fall 2018 Advanced Practicum Film, Oasis, to be Shown at Dirigo International Student Film Festival

Christopher Rohrbeck, '19, has Fall 2018 advanced practicum film screened at International Student Film Festival

Congratulations to Christopher Rohrbeck, ’19, on his fall 2018 advanced practicum film, Oasis, having been accepted into the Dirigo International Student Film Festival hosted in the United Kingdom by FdA Film & Media Arts Production students from University Centre Weston.

Oasis, directed by Christopher Rohrbeck and produced by Noah Bodner, will be shown in the International Student Category. Rohrbeck, a Cinema and Television Arts alumnus, describes the film as a “thoughtful mood piece,” about a sheltered girl who learns to see past illusion and confront a cold and bitter reality.

For Rohrbeck, the film’s investigation into the theme of crisis of awakening can be applied to many subjects. He says, “I think it’s applicable on a high-concept level: you could see it as a metaphor for climate change, or a metaphor for familial relations.” Viewers instantly empathize with the young protagonist, whose world is transformed as her illusions of safety fall away.

The Dirigo International Student Film Festival has been running for six years and is directed by Charlie Parry and Liv Pierce. It showcases films with a running time of up to 15 minutes, with the aim of inspiring and showcasing the work of student filmmakers worldwide. Films can be submitted from any genre, must have been completed within the last two years, and must have been completed while the filmmaker was studying at an educational institution.

Students interested in submitting their work can reach out to the organizers on Twitter @DirigoFilmFest, or on Facebook.


Rhiannon Koehler
Communications Manager