NRF Videos Feature Columbia Fashion Studies Finalist and Faculty

PhotoRobert Davison Long, a National Retail Foundation Next Generation Scholarship finalist
The National Retail Foundation releases videos featuring Columbia Fashion Studies finalist Robert Davison Long and Associate Professor Dana Connell.

In anticipation of the National Retail Foundation (NRF) Honors, which will be awarded April 13, the National Retail Foundation has released videos featuring the five finalists for the NRF’s Next Generation Scholarship as well as faculty members from their schools. In the videos, finalist Robert Davison Long, a Fashion Studies student at Columbia College Chicago, shares his experiences applying for the scholarship and offers advice about retail. Dana Connell, director of scholarship initiatives and associate professor in Fashion Studies, is also featured and discusses the opportunities afforded students who apply for the scholarship and how it positions them for careers in the fashion industry.

Columbia students interested in applying for NRF's 2023 Next Generation Scholarship should contact Dana Connell.