Newcity's Film 50 2022 Celebrates Members of Columbia's Community

PhotoTop row, left to right: Susan Kerns; Thavary Krouch MFA ’13; Jessica Christopher; Lawrence Daufenbach '08; Stephanie Jeter*; Tim Konn*; Crystal Portillo '07; and Amir George*. Bottom row, left to right: Richard Song ’17*; Lena Waithe ’06; Erik Childress*; Sam Flancher '13*; Rebecca Fons MAM ’11*; Bryan Wendorf; and Lisa Holmes*. *Photos for Newcity by Sally Blood.
Associate Provost and Associate Professor Susan Kerns as well as numerous alums and former students named on Newcity’s listing of Chicago’s top film professionals.

Newcity recently released its Film 50 2022 list, which honors select leaders in Chicago’s film industry. Columbia College Chicago is pleased to announce that Susan Kerns, associate provost and an associate professor at Columbia College Chicago as well as co-founder and co-director of the Chicago Feminist Film Festival was among those listed as were many Columbia alums and former students (see list below). 

This year, Newcity grouped the 50 notable film workers into categories, including Changemakers (advocates and educators); Makers (producers, crew, and production services); Selectors (programmers and festival producers); and Projectors

Columbia congratulates these valued members of its community for this recognition and commends them for their contributions to the film industry. 

Film 50 2022: Columbia Community Members Recognized  

Changemakers — Advocate and Educators 

  • Susan Kerns  
  • Thavary Krouch MFA’13  

Makers — Producers, Crew, and Production Services 

  • Jessica Christopher  
  • Lawrence Daufenbach '08  
  • Stephanie Jeter  
  • Tim Konn  
  • Crystal Portillo '07  
  • Amir George  
  • Richard Song ’17  
  • Lena Waithe ’06  

Selectors — Programmers and Festival Producers 

  • Erik Childress  
  • Sam Flancher '13  
  • Rebecca Fons MAM ’11 
  • Bryan Wendorf* 

Projectors — Exhibitors and Archivists 

  • Lisa Holmes 

Read more about Film 50 2022 and the accomplishments of those listed.  

*Selector Hall of Fame