Teena Sloane-Hendricks ’20 Continues Legacy at Columbia With Her Children

teena hendicks
The first time Teena was on campus, in 1984, she knew that she would return – and encourage her future children to do so too.


For Teena Sloane-Hendricks ‘20 Columbia College Chicago is more than just a school. The first time Teena was on campus, in 1984, she knew that she would return – and encourage her future children to do so too.  Sloane-Hendricks first received a BA in Communications from Columbia, and later returned for a BA in Integrated Marketing Communications, and most recently has graduated from Columbia with an MA in Civic Media. “Columbia has always been the ideal place for creatives to find themselves and cultivate their passions and purpose. I knew I definitely would encourage my children to do the same,” Sloane-Hendricks said.

Sloane-Hendricks has most recently graduated from Columbia with a MA in Civic Media in Fall 2020. Sloane-Hendricks has also encouraged both of her children to attend Columbia. Ceeana Hendricks ’23 is a Dance Major and chose to attend Columbia because “I thought that it could elevate me creatively and be a great outlet for myself.” Neeco Hendricks ’24 just completed his first semester at the college and hasn’t yet decided on his major. Neeco decided to attend Columbia because he felt “it was a good place to explore my abilities.” “It has been most interesting to attend the same school as my children, but a proud moment as well,” Sloane-Hendricks reflects.

Ceeana Hendricks came to Columbia first, closely followed by her mother Teena. Teena has enjoyed bumping into Ceeana while they have both been on campus. “It was quite interesting for my classmates and her classmates to see us accidentally cross paths. I would hear her friends say, ‘that’s your mom? She looks like a student.’ I would say, ‘I am a student.’ Ceeana would go on to say...she’s in grad school.”

Sloane-Hendricks was drawn to Columbia’s Civic Media program as she’s been involved in civic engagement since she was in high school and feels it is important to give back and empower her community. Both Ceeana and Neeco participated in Sloane-Hendricks’ Civic Media Practicum, Black Entertainment Television Networks. Sloane-Hendricks’ managed a group of young people as her project and her children were part of a group of about 17 youth Sloane-Hendricks organized and provided media training, along with Black Entertainment Television Networks. 

Since graduating in Fall 2020, Sloane-Hendricks is now working on a project called Generation Z. The Civic Media project has now elevated to an opportunity for the youth to produce media programming along with building a brand, including merchandising. “Having all of us involved with this project is both unconventional an exciting at the same time. I am looking forward to our continued growth,” Sloane-Hendricks added. Sloane-Hendricks is also working on two research articles with Assistant Professor Yonty Friesem on Developing Trust for Civic Engagement Creation and Management.

Sloane-Hendricks’ advice for current and future grad students is to start working on your masters before you start your program. Sloane-Hendricks hopes to be able to continue to work with the Civic Media program.


Sarah Borchardt
Communications Manager