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Olga Goldenberg

Assistant Professor



Dr. Olga Goldenberg is an Assistant Professor in the Humanities, History, and Social Sciences (HHSS) Department at Columbia College Chicago, teaching coursework in Psychology. Her scholarship focuses on understanding individual and small group processes and performance in the domain of creativity and innovation. She investigates how cognitive, emotional, motivational, and social factors influence the creative process and outcomes. In her most recent project, Olga explores the effects of instructor feedback on the selection and development of creative ideas. Dr. Goldenberg's other research interest is in benefits of collaboration, the value of diversity, and the advantages of hearing diverse perspectives, for learning and performance in classroom contexts. She has published her work in scholarly journals, such as Small Group Research and Discourse Processes. Olga teaches Introduction to Psychology, Social psychology, and Psychology of Creativity courses at Columbia. She holds a Ph.D. in Social Psychology earned at the University of Illinois at Chicago.



Instructional Areas


Creative Practice and Research Interests

Creativity and innovation, brainstorming, diversity and collaboration on learning and performance


B.S., Biology Loyola University Chicago 2006
M.A., Psychology University of Illinois Chicago 2011
Ph.D., Psychology University of Illinois Chicago 2015