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Graduate Ambassadors

Our graduate ambassadors are current students who meet with prospective students and write about their experiences at Columbia for our communications. Interested in meeting with a graduate ambassador? Let us know us at


  • karen-law-acting.png

    Karen Law
    Acting and Contemporary Performance Making MFA

  • Emma Broun MAM Ambassador

    Emma Broun
    Arts Entertainment and Media Management MAM

  • Ravia Rasool CTVA Directing Ambassador

    Ravia Rasool
    Cinema and Television Directing MFA

  • Alexandra Riseman Creative Writing Ambassador

    Alexandra Riseman
    Creative Writing MFA

  • Andre Barker Fine Arts MFA Ambassador

    Andre Barker

    Fine Arts MFA

  • Sebastian Splinter Music Composition Ambassador

    Sebastian Splinter
    Music Composition for the Screen MFA

  • Niki Rodriguez Strategic Communication Ambassador

    Niki Rodriguez
    Strategic Communication MA

  • Edith Pedemonte UXID Ambassador

    Edith Pedemonte
    User Experience and Interaction Design MA