Science and Mathematics

Keith Kostecka

Associate Professor

623 S Wabash, Rm 200C
Phone: (312) 369-7182


Keith Kostecka is an Associate Professor of Chemistry and Environmental Science in the Department of Science and Mathematics at Columbia College in Chicago.  He teaches courses in the areas of environmental science, introductory chemistry, the chemistry of science fiction and nanotechnology to the college's population of arts and communication students.  He has a D.A. in chemistry from the University of Illinois Chicago and workplace experience as an analytical chemist.  In addition to conducting analysis of foods/drinks for heavy metals, he has interests in phytoremediation and developing new courses for students with science anxiety.  He also has an interest in the history of chemistry with respect to the noble gases and has written the biography "Morris William Travers - A Lifetime of Achievement".  He is now working on a book detailing Chemical Serendipity in the 20th and 21st centuries.

Teaching Interests

Teach [or have taught] courses to non-science majors in areas of environmental, introductory and general chemistry, nanotechnology, chemistry of science fiction and also science, technology and society.

Research Interests

Analysis of heavy metals in foods, Phytoremediation of heavy metals and pesticides, Serendipity in chemistry and history of chemistry.


B.S., Chemistry Illinois Benedictine University 1982
M.S., Chemistry University of Illinois-Champaign 1985
D.A., Chemistry University of Illinois-Chicago 1991

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