2018 Service Award Celebration

Held on November 30, the Annual Service Award Celebration honors the faculty and staff who have worked at Columbia for five or more years.

In recognition of the dedicated service to Columbia College Chicago, President Kwang-Wu Kim and Human Resources hosted the Annual Service Award Celebration at the University Center on November 30.

Complete List of Honorees:

35 Years

Alan Clark, Student Financial Services

25 Years

Thomas Joyce, Career Center
Patricia Olalde, Human Resources
Patricia Roeder, Theatre

20 Years

Laura Bauknecht, Photography
Joseph Cerqua, Music
Kelli Collins, Residence Life
Natasha Egan, Museum of Contemporary Photography
Nicole Fabbri, Administrative Services
Tom Kieffer, Theatre
Maria Marcheva, Information Technology
Jeff Meyers, School of Media Arts
Mary Oakes, Residence Life
Erik Overton, Interactive Arts and Media
Neil Pagano, Office of the Provost
Jennifer Sauzer, Library

15 Years

Margarita Cruz, Undergraduate Admissions
Rachel Culich, Center for Community Arts Partnerships
Michael Duhr, Information Technology
Jennie Fauls, English and Creative Writing
Tony Miccolis, Audio Arts and Acoustics
Anthony Rickabaugh, Facilities and Operations
Krista Rogers, Humanities, History, and Social Sciences
Arlie Sims, Library
Craig Sorensen, IT Media Services
Gemini Wadley, Undergraduate Admissions

10 Years

Christine Tvedt, Student Financial Services
Debra Anderson-Terry, Student Financial Services
Timothy Bodzioney, IT Media Services
Everlidys Cabrera, Music
Natalie Cepeda, Student Life Carolyn Charles, General Counsel George Choi, Payroll
Marie Cortopassi, Undergraduate Admissions
Thomas Gustafson, Digital Group
Matthew Harris, Art and Art History
Malcolm-Curtis Hill, Dance
Karen Loop, School of Media Arts
Jessica Martinez, Enrollment Management
Melissa McCallum, Office of the Registrar
Jia Mei, Design
Michael Moran, Facilities and Operations
Geoffrey Prairie, Design
Cornelio Ramirez Jr., Facilities and Operations
Sayma Riaz, School of Fine and Performing Arts
Jacob Riley, Facilities and Operations
Dominic Rossetti, Library
Anthony Santiago, Cinema and Television Arts
Craig Sigele, Communication
Regina Wellner, School of Liberal Arts and Sciences

5 Years

Patricia Bergeson, General Counsel
Shannon Bourne, Student Life
Bethany Brownholtz, School of Graduate Studies
Alex Broz, Global Education
Kristina Ciangiola, Undergraduate Admissions
Margaret Conway, School of Media Arts
Thomas Cravens, Student Health Center
Tracey Drobot, Exhibition and Performance Spaces
Kelly Durbin, Undergraduate Admissions
Raymond Gaida, Information Technology
Melissa Hennessy, Career Center
David Houle, Communication
Jeanne Kelly, Dean of Students
Charles Kimball, Office of the President
Amy Killebrew, Library
David Knuth, Audio Arts and Acoustics
Skye Rust, Global Education
Eric Sluga, Student Life
Susan Strow, Global Education
Orterio Villa, Student Life
Brenden Wysocki, Interactive Arts and Media