Associate Professor Laurence Minsky on Trust and Engagement in Marketing for 'The European Business Review'

Communication Associate Professor Laurence Minsky is the co-author of “Hunter or Hunted? How Digital Media and GDPR Increases Importance of Inbound B2B Sales,” a new European Business Review article published Jan. 21. Minsky and his co-author, Messiah College Assistant Professor Keith Quesenberry, focus on how “B2B marketers can remain effective in light of GDPR and the loss of trust in sales people.” 

In the article, Minsky and Quesenberry discuss the past and present of business-to-business sales, the General Data Protection Regulation—a new regulation protecting privacy rights in the EU that requires explicit consent from individuals for the use of their personal information—and the role that digital and social media now plays in consumers’ decision-making. Companies, the authors state, “must figure out new ways of engaging the customer during the early stages of the buying cycle.”

The authors go on to detail several strategic steps any B2B salesperson can take to become a “valued and trusted partner early in their customer’s decision journey.”

Read the full article over at The European Business Review.