Columbia Filmmaking Team Premieres 'American Parent' in London

A Columbia community of creatives comes together to bring a project to screen at the prestigious British Film Institute’s 37th annual Flare 2023.

In March, the feature film American Parent will have its world premiere in London at BFI: Flare 2023, the British Film Institute’s annual celebration of queer cinema. The film was produced by Cinema and Television Arts Associate Professor and Associate Chair Carolina Posse and was directed and co-written by alum Emily Railsback MFA ‘14. Other Columbia names connected with the project: Adjunct Faculty Member Michael NJ Wright (cinematographer), Finishing Editor John Cavallino (colorist and title designer), and former dean of the School of Media Arts Doreen Bartoni (co-executive producer and co-writer).  

In the film, the everyday chaos of raising a toddler is intensified for a lesbian couple, as they maneuver through the pandemic and professional uncertainty. 

Shot in 2021, the film was just completed last month. The European Film Market screened the film in Berlin in February.   

Learn more about the BFI: Flare 2023 and the American Parent screenings.