The Edge of Shadows: Opening Reception

Photo: Anahid Ghorbani MFA ’17Photo: Anahid Ghorbani MFA ’17
Diane Dammeyer Fellow Anahid Ghorbani MFA ’17 to present culminating exhibition "The Edge of Shadows."

“Women of my land are so powerful and fight for their rights, but—especially in media—there are so many stereotypes that I need to help break.”

Anahid Ghorbani

2017/2018 Diane Dammeyer Fellowship recipient Anahid Ghorbani MFA ’17 will present her culminating work The Edge of Shadows at Filter Photo May 4-26, with an opening reception and artist’s talk on May 4.

The Diane Dammeyer Fellowship in Photographic Arts and Social Issues, a partnership between Columbia and the anti-poverty organization Heartland Alliance, allows fellows to produce a portfolio that highlights human rights and social issues. Ghorbani, whose native country is Iran, has focused much of her Dammeyer Fellowship work on the exploration of oppression, the restriction of rights, and the heightened visibility—paired with objectification—that female immigrants and refugees face in America. 

In The Edge of Shadows, Ghorbani uses black as a visual metaphor for the dehumanization that refugees and immigrants are faced with, the color being used as a representation of suppression and oppression in a world that too often fails to recognize them as human beings. Through her work, Ghorbani hopes to engage her audience in a manner that enrages, informs, and inspires viewers to break down the barriers surrounding these marginalized communities.

The Edge of Shadows: Opening Reception
Friday, May 4
6-9 p.m.
Filter Photo
1821 W. Hubbard St.