WAC Crawl and HHSS Gallery Meet and Greet

Photo: Phil Dembinski ’08Photo: Phil Dembinski ’08
The Wabash Arts Corridor Crawl allows Columbia Weekend participants to explore gallery openings, concerts, street performances, and more.

The WAC Crawl, a cornerstone of Columbia Weekend, is an art walk that celebrates the artistic community at Columbia. Participants can explore gallery openings, concerts, street and dance performances, and much more.

A large component of The WAC Crawl is the Humanities, History, and Social Sciences (HHSS) Gallery and Meet and Greet. The HHSS exhibition is curated by Oscar Valdez with materials from the archival collection. This collection will highlight fifteen years of the HHSS Department’s crucial role in Columbia’s vibrant arts and media culture.

Work on display will include student entries from the Paula Pfeffer and Cheryl Johnson-Odim Political Cartoon Contest. Other featured work will be pulled from capstone theses by Cultural Studies and Education alumni. The meet and greet portion of the gallery exhibition encourages WAC Crawl participants to talk with HHSS faculty, other students, and the college archivists.

WAC Crawl
Friday, October 12
4-9 p.m.

HHSS Gallery and Meet and Greet
Friday, October 12
5-6 p.m.
Library, Library Reading Room (Room 301)
624 S. Michigan