Winnie Chen

Creative Producing (MFA) '21

What would you say has been the most surprising thing you learned at Columbia? 

Coming from Taiwan, the most surprising thing I learned was, the amount the of paperwork that is customary in Western filmmaking.  
What experiences or courses at Columbia do you feel have been most beneficial? 

I especially enjoyed class time with the other creative producers before the pandemic. Hearing their perspectives, sharing our ideas and making friendships will always be a great memory. I was deeply impressed by the honesty and willingness to express opinions that was part of the culture of our program.  
What are your plans for after graduation? 

After graduation, I plan to be based in Asia, utilizing my new experiences and connections in the West. I’m hoping to get jobs that will allow me to proceed toward producing original content. I realized the opportunities for creating content in Asia are expanding at this moment, but this does not mean I would refuse a gig, if one were offered in the US. Basically? I’m down for everything.  
Do you have any advice for current students? 

Meet people, make friends and stay close to your cohorts. They are the people you’ll be making films with 20 years from now.  
If you were going to sum up your experience at Columbia in one sentence, what would you say? 

Work hard, play hard. Enjoy the ride.