Important Deadline

Pay your Spring 2019 balance in full or set up a payment plan by December 28, 2018.

How to Apply for Aid

Your starting point for applying for any type of financial aid: the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, commonly known as the FAFSA. You can submit the FAFSA as early as October 1 for the following academic year. For more information, visit

The FAFSA collects information about you as the student, as well as parents of dependent students, regarding income, number of family members in the household, and the number of family members in college. Columbia uses the result of the FAFSA to determine the amount of assistance provided to you for your education. 

Prospective and Admitted

To apply for need-based scholarships, all you need to do is submit a FAFSA and your application to Columbia. Once you're admitted to the school, we'll send you a Financial Aid Award Letter

To apply for talent-based aid, submit a portfolio of your best creative work. 

For additional scholarship information, visit our external scholarships page


You must submit a FAFSA every year to be considered for need-based financial aid. 

If you are selected to complete the Verification Process, you will need to do so in order to receive your Financial Aid Award Letter. Your Award Letter will sent to you 7-10 days after you are notified that you have completed the Verification Process. You can also find your Award Letter by logging into your OASIS portal.

For additional scholarship information, visit our external scholarships page


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