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Business & Entrepreneurship offers you comprehensive preparation for managerial and entrepreneurial careers in music promotion and distribution, international arts management, live entertainment and the performing arts, museums and galleries, traditional and new media, marketing, and professional and collegiate sports. We offer eight Bachelor of Arts degrees and a Master of Arts Management degree, as well as minors in Arts Management, Interactive Media Development & Entrepreneurship, and Marketing.

Majors & Programs

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Advanced Management, BA


As an Advanced Management student, you’ll expand your business intelligence, sharpen your strategic planning skills and learn the entrepreneurial and communication skills needed to have a successful arts career. As a student, you’ll explore careers in a range of creative organizations such as music venues, pop-up art galleries, sports organizations or the business affairs unit of an international media company.

Arts Management, BA


Arts Management students develop the knowledge and skills needed to be successful leaders in arts, entertainment and media industries. You’ll learn entrepreneurial skills and strategic leadership from creative professionals who bring their everyday business practice into the classroom. You’ll work in real, student-run ventures including: a record label, talent agency, music publishing company, events planning agency, online distribution platform, gallery, night club and marketing agency.

Arts Management, Film Business, BA

Students majoring in Arts Management study a core of management fundamentals and have the option to choose the discipline-specific concentration of Film Business.

Design Management, BA


Learn the business behind design with the Design Management BA, intended for a variety of disciplines including visual art, graphic design, illustration, photography, advertising, marketing, interior design and product design. Build entrepreneurial and leadership skills to better manage yourself as a designer and understand the different aspects of the business.

International Arts Management, BA


The business of arts and entertainment is international, spanning diverse people, cultures, ideas and countries. The International Arts Management BA prepares you for a career in the global workplace. You’ll have the opportunity to learn how economic, political, social, legal and cultural policy drives arts management worldwide. In the past, students traveled and studied at universities in England, Ireland, Australia, China and Germany.

Live and Performing Arts Management, BA


Producing live events––whether concerts, musical theater and dance productions, corporate events and street fairs––requires a team of professionals to execute them from concept to reality. The Live and Performing Arts Management BA equips you to pursue a successful career in event planning and production. You’ll learn entrepreneurial skills and strategic leadership from creative professionals who bring their everyday business practice into the classroom.

Marketing, BA


Businesses, nonprofits and the arts need great communicators to win new audiences. That’s the focus of Columbia’s digitally-focused Marketing BA. Leading Chicago-based marketing professionals teach our courses, where you’ll cross-train in a variety of communication and business disciplines to prepare you for top internships and attractive careers.

Media Management, BA


Digital and social-media technology are transforming how we organize, communicate and manage media. Smart phones, tablets, gaming platforms and social networks shape our experience of entertainment and information that was previously only available via television, radio, film and print. The Media Management program equips you for business careers managing traditional, digital and social media entities reaching both niche markets and mass audiences.

Music Business Management, BA


The Music Business Management program trains the next generation of music industry managers and entrepreneurs. You’ll learn emerging strategies to connect musicians and audiences in preparation for a range of careers in the music industry: producer, publisher, recording executive or entrepreneur. You can earn college credit at Columbia’s on-campus talent agency, nightclub, publishing company and two record labels.

Social Media and Digital Strategy


Columbia is one of the first schools in the country to offer a Social Media and Digital Strategy major; the undergraduate program prepares students to work in this exciting new field across industries. Content creators, social media managers, digital strategy experts, and others are needed for nonprofits, companies, artists, start-ups, and more. This major draws from already established programs in Advertising, Business and Entrepreneurship, Interactive Arts and Media, Journalism, and Public Relations. This field is rich with internship opportunities, helping you graduate career-ready with ample real-world experience.

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Sports Management, BA


Collegiate and professional sports management is one of the fastest-growing areas in the entertainment industry. The Sports Management program prepares you to become a leader at all levels of the business by learning strategies for sponsorship, ticketing, talent management and sports marketing at top team organizations throughout the city.

Television Executive Producing and Entrepreneurship, BFA


The BFA in Television Executive Producing and Entrepreneurship is a professional degree that addresses the growing need to prepare students to launch and manage entertainment projects while maintaining creative control of their productions (a position typically referred to as the executive producer or showrunner). The curriculum is designed to immerse students in the key aspects of producing and entrepreneurship that include expert storytelling, script development, project and people management, collaboration methods, multi-platform distribution methods and project financing.

Visual Arts Management, BA


Combining theory and practice in the classroom amidst the cultural landscape of Chicago, the Visual Arts Management program prepares you for a career in museums, galleries and exhibition spaces. You can earn credit running campus galleries, curating exhibitions and working with artists and arts professionals as well as for internships at leading cultural institutions.

Arts Management Minor


All creative work has a business side. Columbia’s Arts Management minor gives you a practical introduction to the management, financial and organizational skills necessary to manage an individual, entrepreneurial or organizational career in the arts.

Design Management Minor


Design projects have a business side. The Design Management minor allows you to strengthen the managerial and entrepreneurial skills you need to support your own creative career and increase your employability. Students study the management of design projects in graphic design, product design, web design, advertising, photography, interior architecture, fashion design and illustration.

Entrepreneurship Minor


A minor in Entrepreneurship will prepare you to launch and manage new businesses in the entertainment industry. Today’s companies seek creatives with sound business acumen and entrepreneurial thinking. Build those skills and learn how to create your own employment opportunities.

Intellectual Property Management Minor


Prepare for a career in the arts and entertainment industries with a minor in Intellectual Property Management. Artists, entrepreneurs, decision-makers and executives need to be able to analyze, protect, negotiate and leverage their intellectual property assets (copyrights; trademarks) to be successful. Learn how revenue generation, brand building, exposure and artistic and business collaborations come into play through business, legal and market analysis.

Interactive Media Development and Entrepreneurship Minor


As a student in this program, you’ll learn to develop interactive technologies such as games, mobile applications and other software­­––and how to turn your creations into a profitable business. This minor combines media business and interactive arts and media courses for a versatile skill set in Internet and mobile industry strategies, as well as programming and scripting media.

Live and Performing Arts Management Minor


Learn the business side of live entertainment with a minor in Live and Performing Arts Management. Understand how to manage, book, present, produce, promote and tour live entertainment. Choose core business courses to build your management, leadership and entrepreneurial skills. Practicum courses are also available to practice your skills with real projects.

Marketing Minor


No matter where you take your creative career, you’ll need to know how to market your unique strengths. Columbia’s 18-credit hour, digitally-focused Marketing minor offers a foundation in strategic and innovative marketing that can help you promote your projects and widen your career options after graduation.

Music Business Management Minor


The Music Business Management minor allows you to strengthen the managerial and entrepreneurial skills you need to support your own creative career and to explore career options in the music business. The minor complements major programs across disciplines for students studying music performance, music composition, audio arts, music production and marketing.

Sports Management Minor


Diversify your major in Radio, Television, Journalism or Marketing with a minor in Sports Management. Prepare for a strong career in a niche market with an understanding of sponsorship, box office management and talent management in addition to entrepreneurial and leadership skills.

Talent Management Minor


Learn how to leverage your or your clients’ skills with a minor in Talent Management. Develop skills to manage and brand yourself, along with core entrepreneurial and leadership skills. Manage talent and work for a talent agency, all while completing your undergraduate studies. This minor especially complements students who are actors, visual artists, authors, musicians, entertainers and comedians.

Visual Arts Management Minor


The Visual Arts Management (VAM) minor allows you to strengthen the managerial and entrepreneurial skills you need to support your own creative career and to explore career options in the visual arts. If you are interested in managing and curating exhibitions, running a gallery, or working in a museum, auction house or non-profit arts organization, the VAM minor offers a variety of courses based on professional practice.

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