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The Photography Department offers four academic programs. The Bachelor of Arts in Photography is a liberal arts degree that allows you to focus on photography within a program of general studies at the College. The second Bachelor of Arts in Photography is a liberal arts degree that is intended for students who have previously attained a bachelor’s degree. The minor in Photography is a formal course of study that can complement any major program. Our stylistically diverse Master of Fine Arts program emphasizes aesthetic and conceptual development alongside advanced photographic technique.

Majors & Programs

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Photography, BA


Looking for an exploratory degree with a core photography curriculum? Columbia’s Photography BA is a 42-hour program that offers special concentrations in fashion, fine art, photojournalism and commercial photography. You can also earn a general photography degree. If you are a student with photography experience, the photography department will work with you to explore the possibility of advanced placement in the program.

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Photography, Commercial, BA

As a Photography student with a Commercial Concentration, you'll study digital imaging, studio lighting and the history of photography while practicing the roles of photographer, stylist, digital technician and studio assistant. Advanced courses in this concentration will ask you to develop a personalized vision and approach to commercial photography as you build your portfolio and produce a large body of work.

Photography, Fine Art, BA

The Fine Art Concentration offers students the opportunity to develop a comprehensive understanding of photographic history and contemporary art practice to support the development of a body of work in upper level topical and seminar classes. The Fine Arts Concentration offers a core set of photography courses that focus on photographic principals and skills including digital imaging, studio lighting and photo history. The Fine Art Concentration aims to prepare students for graduate school and/or a variety of careers centered on making, exhibiting and publishing photographs. The Fine Art Concentration invites students to progress through a rigorous and engaging curriculum in which one can refine their personal vision and develop a unique body of work.

Photography, Photojournalism, BA

If you have a love of spot news, sports, documentary or editorial photography, then the Photojournalism Concentration is for you. As a photojournalism student, you'll collaborate with students in the Communication and Media Innovation Department to strengthen your grasp of the multimedia technology used to document, archive and report newsworthy events. You'll apply principals learned in your study of photography to the presentation of images in the news as you develop your portfolio, complete an internship and hone your stylistic vision.

Photography, Fashion, BA

The Fashion Photography Concentration offers a unique partnership between the Photography and Fashion Studies Departments. As a Fashion Photography student, you'll collaborate with your Fashion Studies peers to refine your understanding of trends and best practices in the fashion industry. You'll deploy artistic principals learned in your study of photography as you document the presentation of dress in both live and studio settings.

Photography Minor


If you’re looking for a solid foundation in photography or want to broaden your skills as a Graphic Design, Cinema Art and Science or other major, this minor provides the fundamentals you’ll need.

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