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In addition to a number of challenging elective courses, many of which fulfill Liberal Arts and Sciences Core requirements, our department offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in Cultural Studies as well as four minors: Black World Studies; Cultural Studies; Latino and Latin American Studies; and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies.

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Cultural Studies, BA


Columbia’s Cultural Studies program is one of the few such programs for undergraduates in the United States. Interdisciplinary at heart and multimedia in orientation, this intensive BA program analyzes and critiques our cultural, social, and political world. This program incorporates the arts and media disciplines and study from across Columbia’s programs to highlight the interplay of culture, economy, and diversity.

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Literary Studies

In Literary Studies, students examine literary and other texts, paying close attention to the aesthetic, social, economic, and political forces that shape the creation and consumption of these texts. The concentration in Literary Studies requires 36 total credits and a grade of "C" or better in all major courses.

Media and Popular Culture Studies
Urban Studies

The Urban Studies concentration enables students to understand how economic, political, social and cultural forces influence human thought and behavior in an urban context. The concentration in Urban Studies requires 36 total credits and a grade of "C" or better in all major courses.

Black World Studies Minor


The Black World Studies minor challenges you to question the notion of “blackness” by looking at the term as an identity construct, a political signifier and a metaphor for social marginalization. You’ll examine patterns of activism that characterize the creative expression, social fabric, political movements, and the scholarship of the black world.

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Cultural Studies Minor


As part of an interdisciplinary field that emphasizes research and critical thinking, the Cultural Studies minor focuses on the aesthetic, political, social, and economic relationships between cultural production and reception. Offering a new dimension to Columbia’s art and media education, this minor will enrich your understanding of the complexity of culture.

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Latino and Latin American Studies Minor


The minor in Latino and Latin American Studies offers courses in the history and culture of Hispanic/Latin American people through an interdisciplinary study of language, literature, media, and the visual and performing arts. You’ll study the transcultural complexity of this population, as well as the ethnic experience of the Hispanic population in America and their contributions to American society.

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Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Minor


With this minor, you’ll learn feminist theory and engage in exhilarating debates on gender and sexuality in historical, social, and global contexts. You’ll take advantage of a wide range of courses to explore issues of gender and sexuality in an interdisciplinary and cohesive way.

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