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The Interactive Arts & Media Department provides a number of degree programs that are technically and creatively challenging. We offer Bachelor of Arts degrees in Game Design, Game Programming, Mobile Media Programming, and Interactive Arts and Media. You might choose a more rigorous Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Interactive Arts and Media or a technically focused Bachelor of Science in Game Programming. You can also add a new set of skills to another major with a minor in Web Development, Game Art, Game Design and Programming.

Majors & Programs

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Game Programming, BA


We all work with technology, but programming is the discipline that makes it all work. You’ll learn to develop games, simulations and other game-like interactive experiences and graduate with a portfolio showcasing a wide range of skills.

Mobile Media Programming, BA


In this program you’ll think and act as an innovator to create mobile media for smartphones, tablets and whatever portable, web-equipped hardware emerges next. As the desktop era fades, you’ll learn the programming-related technical skills you’ll need to create products at the forefront of interactive media design. The Interactive Arts and Media Department offers three different applied programming degrees, each tailored to a different kind of interactive media.

Game Programming, BS


As a Game Programming student, you’ll learn how to create engaging, interactive game experiences. Core courses emphasize the fundamentals of game design theory as well as the cultural and theoretical roles of game design in society. You can choose one of three concentrations in the major: Game Art, Game Development or Sound Design for Games.

Game Art, BA


With Game Art, you'll gain in-depth experience using a variety of software tools and workflows to create sophisticated visual concepts and game-engine-ready production assets. You'll learn to integrate characters, environments, props, animations and visual effects into a variety of game engines while focusing on quality, efficiency and expediency. By the end of the program, you'll graduate with an understanding of the game industry, 3D designs, the process of directing, motion capture performances and the pipeline of state-of-the-art game engines.

Music Technology, BS


The Bachelor of Science in Music Technology connects course work in music, audio arts, and information technology to educate artists and designers in the interdisciplinary foundations of modern musical practice. This curriculum focuses on the impact of technology on music’s creation, presentation, representation, and distribution since the beginning of the 20th century while preparing our students for professional musical life in the 21st century.

Interaction Design, BA


In the Interaction Design major, you'll invent creative, participant-centered design solutions that will prepare you for a career within the expanding fields of interactive design and development. This program is ideal for both the creative artist who possesses digital/computer-based skills and the back-end developer/coder/programmer with an aesthetic eye, strong work ethic and an impulse to innovate.

Game Art Minor


The Game Art Minor offers in-depth experience creating sophisticated visual concepts and generating creative visual solutions for games and simulations. You’ll learn to integrate art assets, including characters, environments, props, animations and visual effects into a variety of game engines. We place special emphasis on fostering professional and productive collaborations within an interdisciplinary game development team.

Game Design Minor


As a Game Design minor, you’ll learn to design games in terms of gameplay, fun and user experience, system design, and level design. You’ll focus on critical thinking and use state-of-the-art techniques and tools to create game experiences that are engaging and immersive. Our curriculum focuses on cross-disciplinary communication skills to foster successful collaborations on creative teams.

Programming Minor


Programming is a highly sought-after skill in many industries; jobs in journalism, marketing and other communication fields often require fluency with coding and application development skills. A minor in programming offers you a distinct edge in a highly competitive economy.

Web Development Minor


Any arts major can benefit from a fundamental understanding of web development, social media and user-centered design. You’ll learn web page creation, basic programming languages and information management as a complement to studies in graphic design, fiction writing, marketing, arts and media management, journalism, television or film/video.

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