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Columbia College Chicago
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Art History

Drawing from diverse intellectual and visual traditions, the Art History program develops students’ visual literacy skills and supports an in-depth inquiry into the practices of modern and contemporary art, criticism, design, photography and theory.

The program is committed to rigorous methods that are socially engaged and take advantage of the numerous resources in the City of Chicago. Through our curriculum of 42 credits students acquire the basic skills of art history: they analyze visual elements, relate art to its historical and cultural contexts, and explore theories that provide frameworks for understanding art and visual culture.

Additionally, through our annual art history symposium, graduating seniors have the opportunity to present original research. Training in art history prepares students for a wide variety of professional opportunities. Graduates typically pursue careers in teaching, museums and art galleries, art criticism, editing and publishing, art conservation, historic preservation, arts management, and cultural advocacy.

Art History degree requirements, 2013-2014

BA Minor Requirement
BA Degree Requirement
Second BA Degree Requirement