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Audio Arts & Acoustics
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creating a sound world

Students, faculty, and staff of the Audio Arts & Acoustics Department study sound, the most omnipresent and evocative of sensations, and hearing, the most versatile and intuitive of senses.


AA&A Students and Alumni continue to impact our community

We proudly follow the artistic and professional contributions of our students and alumni to Audio Arts & Acoustics fields and to the larger community and share here with you some representative examples, including a feature on AA&A senior Frank Waln.

AA&A’s Howard Sandroff presents “The Obsessive Image”, Thursday, May 8th, 7:00 PM, Evanston Art Center

AA&A’s Howard Sandroff presents “The Obsessive Image” – a presentation and reflection on the relationship between his sculptures and musical compositions - his obsession to freeze the time and motion of music into static spatial constructions, which are now his welded steel sculptures. Date: Thursday, May 8; Time: 7:00 P.M.; Place: Evanston Art Center.

AA&A students and alumni in the news

Dave Collis (B.A. Dec. 2013) founding member and lead singer of Chicago-based noise rock band My Dad, celebrates the new 7” record release, Mouth Bleeder. Sean Samet (B.A. 2003) is now managing a major North American trade association. Matt DeWine (B.A. 2004) is keeping Pieholden Suite Sound recording studio alive and well in its Ukranian Village neighborhood. Sophomore Adam Kowalczyk is bringing to life a new "idea lab," 32 forty, in Bridgeport.

Audio Arts & Acoustics' Benj Kanters makes waves in Hearing Awareness & Conservation worldwide!

AA&A associate professor and associate chair, Benj Kanters, has been teaching, researching, publishing, and offering educational and professional workshops on the topic of hearing awareness and conservation for over 10 years. This is now officially his time, with

  • two National Hearing Conservation awards recognizing his development of the AA&A course Studies in Hearing, the founding of HearTomorrow.org, and the touring seminar “The Hearing Conservation Workshop,”
  • a cover article for the Nov-Dec/2013 issue of Audiology Today, a journal of the American Academy of Audiology,
  • the chapter on “Hearing Conservation” for the upcoming 5th edition of the Handbook for Sound Engineers,
  • a “rock-star” schedule of invited seminars and workshops in some of the most reputable educational, professional, medical, and research organizations in the country and beyond,
  • a recent AA&A graduate and advisee, Karson Glass (B.A. Dec. 2013) joining the list of past AA&A graduates accepted to prestigious Audiology doctorate programs, and
  • numerous past students and advisees making the news and impacting our community

AA&A Alumnus, Karson Glass, chooses coveted seat in Rush University's Audiology doctoral program

Recent Audio Design and Production graduate, Karson Glass (AA&A BA, Dec 2013), was offered sports at the two largest Audiology graduate programs in the Midwest: Northwestern and Rush Universities. He chose Rush University’s Doctor of Audiology program for its focus on clinical research and application.