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Dedicated Digital Audio Network
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Dedicated Digital Audio Network

Our Department maintains three digital audio networks:

  • The Digital Audio Network is a fiber optic, wide area network. Capable of handling 196 audio channels distributed to multiple locations throughout the campus. It has totally scalable audio routing, processing & control. the network that uses fast, flexible, server-grade CPUs with centralized processing running Linux software to ensure that the system's full power can be flexibly allocated as needed, to control SMART Classrooms, Performance Venues and route 24/48k Audio from Recital hall to Recording studio. The network uses the same Layer 3 hardware-independent IP technologies that enable wide area networking and the Internet.
  • The Local Area 32-Channel Audio Network facilitates audio and data communications among our Control Rooms & Studios, laboratory, classrooms, and testing facilities.
  • The Audio Server Network is dedicated to the studios and the production classrooms/labs. Here students can download resources such as music and sound effect libraries and course-related audio files, as well as upload and back-up their class projects.