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Columbia College Chicago
Sonija Dewberry
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Sonija Dewberry


Sonija Dewberry, Audio Arts & Acoustics Department

Sonija Dewberry

Sonija Dewberry is the secretary of the Audio Arts and Acoustics department. She attended the University of Illinois majoring in marketing and communications. She worked at Mount Sinai Hospital as the administrative assistant to the direction of Outpatient Services and managed six satellite clinics. She did public relations for the first managed care programs and did outreach in the Pilsen community. In addition, in her time there worked as a drug and alcoholic counselor for their inpatient program.

She worked as the Assistant to the Dean of Students at the University of Chicago for sixteen years. Sonija implemented a mentoring program, which consisted of upperclassmen helping new students become acclimated to the university setting from high school. She chaired the graduation speaker committee, administered emergency student loans, supervising students for the New Students orientation, and collaborating with Dean of Transfer Credits for all university undergraduates.

In addition to her secretarial duties, Sonija also initiated and directs the tutoring program for Basic Audio System and Intro to Audio for the Department of Audio Arts & Acoustics.

Audio Arts & Acoustics Department
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