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Columbia College Chicago
Sandra Guzman
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Sandra Guzman


Dr. Sandra Guzman joined Columbia College Chicago in 2012 as a lecturer in Acoustics, focused on human perception of sound. She teaches courses in hearing perception including Studies in Hearing, Psychoacoustics, and Perception and Cognition of Sound.Sandra Guzman, Ph.D.
Lecturer, Acoustics

Dr. Guzman has formal training in behavioral science specializing in auditory perception, and has over a decade of experience leading and executing psychoacoustic and consumer-based sound quality studies across a range of consumer devices. In addition to academic work on spatial hearing and the effects of acoustic reflections, she has industry experience assessing various listening experiences such as speech, music, ringtones, and user interface sounds (earcons). Through the application of rigorous consumer-focused methods of assessment, Dr. Guzman’s work informs product decisions to optimize the audio experience within the constraints of product requirements.

Dr. Guzman brings her experience and passion for perception into the classroom and continues to conduct auditory research and to involve students in this process.


Audio Arts & Acoustics Department
Columbia College Chicago
33 E. Congress Parkway, Suite 601
Chicago, IL 60605
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email: sguzman@colum.edu