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Story Week Reader 2011
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Story Week Reader 2011



softness and light | Kevin Kane
upstairs  | Julia A. Rosenthal
rust and stones | Emily Roth
sevierville | Derek Johnson
awake  | Nikki Dolson
rave | Michael Lee Slovin
man-car  | David Hughes
freight | Patrick Andrews
roots| Margaret Graham
red pennies | Cyn Vargas
death and newspapers | Bryce Berkowitz
the corpse and the addict | Wyatt Roediger-Robinette
through the night | Patrick J. Salem

Creative Nonfiction

ten-gallon aquarium | Timmy Dustin
what to do with bumblebees | Justin Bostian
gatorland | Eliza Fogel
the greek | Chris “C.T.” Terry
i wish all my friends had cancer | Ray Lumpp

Executive Editor
Jotham Burrello

Dan Duffy, Leah Tallon,
Maggie Ritchie

Copy Editor/Layout
Daniel Prazer

Story Week Artistic Director
Sam Weller

Fiction Writing Department Faculty
Randy Albers, Chair; Andy Allegretti, Don DeGrazia, Ann Hemenway, Shawn Shiflett, Gary Johnson, Eric May, Joe Meno,
Audrey Niffinegger, Patricia Ann McNair, Nami Mun, Alexis Pride, Lisa Schlesinger, John Schultz, Betty Shiflett, and Sam Weller.

The Story Week Reader is published by the Fiction Writing Department at Columbia College Chicago. Printed by Columbia College Xerox Center. Photography, cover design and layout design by Ann Prazer; layout by Daniel Prazer. Fiction, creative nonfiction, stories in graphic form, and one-act play manuscripts of 750 words or fewer were submitted by students for consideration. The Publishing Lab, a student-run resource library, publishes this annual journal of student writing in conjunction with Story Week. Visit the Lab online at http://colum.edu/publishinglab for past issues, market research, and industry interviews and videos.

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Copyright © 2011 Fiction Writing Department

Editor’s Note:
Published simultaneously in print and online, the Story Week Reader has served as a launch pad for emerging writers for over seven years. And next semester, our collaboration with graphic artists designing Zine Columbia will transform these stories into graphic form. We make our authors work for their bylines. It's been said that the real work in writing begins with revision. If so, each of our writers must be commended for their efforts reimaging what their story had to tell and capturing it on the page. The results speak for themselves. This year's contributors cover a wide emotional range. We encourage readers to reach out to the author of their favorite story. Reading is the fi rst step in fulfilling the potential of good writing. You must now take the next step by discussing the resonance of these stories, either with the writer or amongst friends. And there is no better place to start that conversation than during Story Week. Enjoy the festival. May your next great story idea start here.