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Criteria for the Follett Fellowship

Criteria for the Follett Fellowship

Follett Fellowships are allotted during the admissions process and awarded to graduate students who exhibit exceptional academic achievement and life accomplishments. Thus students who receive the Follett Fellowship are expected to continue to strive for excellence during the course of their academic careers. In order to renew the Follett Fellowship, students must demonstrate the following:

  1. Maintain a GPA of 3.5 or greater
  2. Exhibit positive leadership skills
  3. Use appropriate interpersonal skills
  4. Engage in community service (i.e. MOVED, IL Chapter of the ADTA, etc.)
  5. Show a high level of motivation and initiative in the classroom and as a representative of the department
  6. Practice academic and professional ethics

Should students not meet the aforementioned expectations, the department reserves the right to discontinue the Follett Fellowship after the completion of the first year. The receipt of one (1) Focus Review Form will initiate a review for Follett Fellowship continuance.