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Tom Nawrocki
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Tom Nawrocki

Literature  & First Year Writing

Tom NawrockiTom Nawrocki has an M.A. from Loyola University and has taught at Columbia for nearly 25 years. As Coordinator of the Professional Writing Program from the late 1990s until Fall, 2004, he has been instrumental in coordinating the English Department's participation in such activities as Creative Nonfiction Week, held every fall. He has published articles and reviews in The Associated Writing Program Chronicle, Another Chicago Magazine, Hyphen and Shadowboxing. Tom teaches such courses as Careers in Writing, Expository Writing: The Personal Essay, and Literature of the Vietnam War. He has also participated in innovative team-teaching courses on the Vietnam War and the Beat Generation. Tom has recently been awarded grants to visit Vietnam as part of an ongoing cultural exchange. He is currently working on a book of nonfiction.

Office Location: English Department, Room 518, 33 E. Congress

Office Phone: 312-369-8118.

Email: tnawrocki@colum.edu

Mailing Address:
Tom Nawrocki
Department of English
Columbia College of Chicago
600 S. Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL 60605