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Tony Del Valle
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Tony Del Valle

Fiction, Creative Nonfiction, Literature, Writing and Rhetoric

Tony Del ValleTony Del Valle received his PhD. in English from the University of Illinois, Chicago in 1998.  He holds a Masters Degree in Teaching from Northwestern University, and a B.A. in Creative Writing from Columbia College.  He also has taught music and visual arts in the Humboldt Park community where he painted various murals.  He was a journalist, associate editor, and main translator for Extra Publications in Chicago a bilingual community newspaper, and he was program director, news anchor, DJ, and creator of features about community educational issues for Dimension Latina, a popular Latino music radio program.  For the past thirty years he performed as a singer, pianist and guitarist in a touring orchestra and recorded several albums of Latin music as composer, arranger, songwriter, and pianist.  Professor Del Valle is also a published writer of fiction, creative non-fiction and poetry.  He is currently seeking to publish a novel entitled The Royal Road, part of which has appeared in Chicago West Side Stories.  In 2002 his doctoral dissertation was published as a monograph by Edwin Mellen Press, entitled Literacy Practices of Three Puerto Rican Family Networks in Chicago: An Ethnographic Study, this study examines the reading and writing practices of three Puerto Rican adolescents and their families during four years of high school.  More recently he has published his articles, "Successful and Unsuccessful Literacy Practices In Two Puerto Rican Families" (Earlbaum Press), and "Latino Popular Music" (Oxford Press Encyclopedia, New York), his poetry in Contratiempo, a respected Chicago literary magazine, and in Mobius, an international literary magazine (forthcoming), and an autobiographical creative nonfiction essay, "Subversive Acts", about being a Latino Writer in the Midwest (forthcoming).  He has presented his fiction, poetry, research, and music performances at various conferences, workshops and community events, and he continues his work as a professor of English at Columbia College Chicago, as a writer of fiction, poetry, and non-fiction, as a researcher, and as an artist.

Among the courses Tony teaches are United States Latino Literature, Writing and Rhetoric I and II, and Introduction to Literature.   

Office Location: English Department, 300-E, 3rd floor, 33 E. Congress 

Office Phone: 312-369-8108. 

Email: tdelvalle@colum.edu

Mailing Address: 
Tony Del Valle 
Department of English 
Columbia College of Chicago 
600 So. Michigan Avenue 
Chicago, IL 60605