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Tricia Lunt
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Tricia Lunt

First Year Writing

Tricia Lunt’s hometown is just outside Cleveland, Ohio, so she had early lessons in embracing the knowledge that comes from failure (see Browns and Indians). She earned a BA in English from The Ohio State University in 1995 and is thus also a Buckeyes fan. Tricia’s undergraduate study culminated in a concentration in Romantic Poetry (see Phil Connor’s response to Rita in the film “Groundhog Day”). Tricia earned a MA in English from Cleveland State University in 1998, specializing in 19th century women novelists. A voracious reader, Tricia decided to become a Librarian as well. She earned an MLIS from Kent State University in 2002, which brought her studies into the new millennium. Before coming to Columbia College, Tricia taught English Composition and Literature courses at colleges and universities in Ohio and Florida.  Tricia’s professional research interests include literacy initiatives, information seeking behavior, and active learning strategies. When not in the classroom or in the library, Tricia spends her time pursuing her other favorite activities: watching great films, patronizing comfortable bars, and traveling around this marvelous world.

Office Location: English Department, suite 527, 5th floor, 33 E. Congress

Office Phone: 312-369-8125

FAX: 312-369-8001

Email: mlunt@colum.edu

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Tricia Lunt
Department of English
Columbia College of Chicago
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