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Student Advisory Board
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Student Advisory Board

The First-Year Seminar Student Advisory Board provides counsel and feedback on all aspects of the program—including the curriculum, links with co-curricular activities, and MilleFest—and also represents the student voice at meetings of the Teaching Academy.

Current Members
  • Martin Chen (06-07)
  • Dan Dugan (07-08)
  • Yessica Guerreo (06-07)
  • Sarah Harkey (07-08)
  • Kaitlin Higgins (05-06)
  • Alicia Johnson (06-07)
  • Leah Kilpatrick (06-07)
  • Rachel Nelms (06-07)
  • Alex Todaro (07-08)
  • Tannar Veatch (05-06)

(Year in parentheses indicates year student took FYS.)