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Welcome to the Fashion Studies’ Internship Page

Here, students and employers will find useful information on how to find an internship, how to post an internship, places to look for jobs, and the process and prerequisites for registering an internship with the Department.
The Fashion Studies Department strongly advises Fashion Business and Fashion Design students to seek internship experience during their time at Columbia College Chicago.  Why are internships in fashion and retail important?  According to our employers:

  1. Students develop professionally, beyond the classroom, in ways that are critical to their survival and ultimate success in the fashion or retail workplace
  2. Students make connections to professionals in the industry who can sometimes help them find jobs upon graduation.
  3. Students grow immensely when they are able to apply their knowledge from the classroom to a real-world situation.
  4. Some students are such a great fit for their internship employer that they receive job offers during their internship.
  5. The fashion industry is a tightly knit and highly competitive industry.  Internships give students an advantage in both experience and meeting the right people to gain employment in the field.
  6. The fashion industry is complex and operates on a local and international level.  The faster students can understand how it operates and learn to navigate the channels of the industry, the more likely they are to succeed in the field.

In order to receive credit for an internship, a Fashion Studies student must:

  1. Be Junior or Senior level status – which means you’ve completed 60 credit hours or more;
  2. Have a 3.0 GPA in your major
  3. Have conducted an initial internship/job search online to identify, at most, 3 areas of interest in the field.  To start your search, click here
  4. If you do not meet these requirements, but have secured an internship with an employer, please contact the Fashion Studies internship coordinator.

Let’s get started!