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Stephanie Frank

Stephanie Frank

Stephanie Frank has been educated at Williams College, Oxford University, and the University of Chicago. Her work centers on the intellectual historical valence of secularization and more particularly on the problem of the persistence of theological tropes and arguments in discourse that codes itself as ‘secular.’

She has published on topics from the theological antecedents of Abbé Sieyès’ political theory in the French Revolution to Carl Schmitt’s reading of Hamlet, in journals from Telos to History of European Ideas. She has presented her research at national and international conferences, including Oxford, Frankfurt, Montréal, and Antwerp.

Stephanie’s current project is a book considering the methodological divergences between Durkheim and Mauss as they took shape over the first years of the twentieth century as exemplifying two different critiques of religion. It is part of a broader project considering the disciplinarization of the French social sciences as the institutionalization of a secularization narrative--and the implication of the category of secularization in disciplinarity more generally.

At Columbia, Stephanie is developing curriculum offerings in the study of religion. This year, she is teaching courses in the theory of religion, religion and violence, religion and politics, and world religions. She also teaches a humanities course centered on the history of the self.

Stephanie trained for many years as a classical pianist; she has also published short fiction.

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