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Columbia College Chicago
Trina Leah Hogg

Trina Leah Hogg

Trina Leah Hogg, PhD, is Assistant Professor of History in the Department of Humanities, History, and Social Sciences at Columbia College Chicago.

Dr. Hogg received her BA at the University of Toronto and her MA at Dalhousie University. She recently received her PhD from New York University. Her research focuses on pre-colonial and colonial West Africa, particularly the economic and legal transition from slavery to agricultural goods. Her dissertation entitled "Our Country Customs": Legality, Diplomacy, and Violence on the Sierra Leone Frontier, 1861-1896 traces the introduction of imperial legality by Krio traders into the pre-colonial coastal interior. Along with transforming her dissertation into a manuscript for publication, she is also working on a new project that explores the Krio Diaspora in the Congo in the late 19th century.

Contact Dr. Hogg:

Dr. Trina Leah Hogg
Columbia College Chicago
Department of HHSS
600 S. Michigan Ave.
Chicago, IL