Interactive Arts and Media

Student Work

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Neil Fleming (B.A. Game Design 2011) Judie Le (B.A. IAM 2012) AudioFox - Kevin Bolander (B.A. IAM
Interactive Advertising Course Mockup Jessie Graybeal (B.A. Game Design 2013) Maria Tzeka (B.F.A. IAM 2011)
Autonomous Pokebots 2012 Maria Tzeka (B.A. IAM 2010) Flower Power, Summer Challenge Winner 2012 <a href="">more info about Summer Challenge</a>

<a href="">FieldTrippr</a> a mobile web app Elise Motzny (B.A. Game Design 2013) Michelle Segarra
Warden of Raal - Character Studies Water Aloft the Ridge <a href="">game website</a>
Warden of Raal <a href="">game website</a>