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Columbia College Chicago
Fellowship Program

Fellowship Program

Since 2006, the Fellowship Program at the Institute has created opportunities and spaces for new voices and research, and continues to offer a platform for cutting-edge work and ideas. The Fellowship Program supports the research, development, and dissemination/production of new creative and scholarly work. Recipients contribute to the College’s goal in engaging in and creating academic and scholarly work in addition to artistic production by expanding learning opportunities for students and faculty through complimentary lectures, workshops, and roundtable discussions. Fellows include College faculty and students, and externally-based artists, scholars, and field leaders.

The early success of this program resulted in establishing a two-year joint fellowship with the Goodman Theatre in Fall 2007/Spring 2009. The Institute/Goodman Theatre Fellowship provided focused support for playwrights of color and created opportunities for diverse voices and cutting-edge work. Five artists and scholars were offered Institute/Goodman Theatre Fellowships between 2007 and 2009.

In 2009, the Institute was awarded a 3Arts Vision Award to support 2 fellows in 2009-2010, to be recognized as Institute/3Arts Fellows. This fellowship will support Chicago-based female artists.

Since 2005 Institute Fellows have garnered a number of awards, fellowships and grants which include: Guggenheim Fellowship, MacArthur Fellowship, Pulitizer Prize, 3ARTS Fellowship, Kresge Fellowship, Wachmeister Award, Gay and Lesbian Hall of Fame, and Black Theatre Alliance Award.

Institute Fellows
Cheryl Lynn Bruce, Inaugural Spring 2006
Wonda Women Project, Spring 2007
Sam Feder, Spring 2007
Jess Weida, Summer 2007
Jules Rosskam, Summer 2007
Jackie Kazarian, Spring 2008
Lynsey Addario, Spring 2008
E. Patrick Johnson, Summer 2008
Bakari Kitwana, Spring 2009
Tracy Baim, Spring 2009
Invincible, Spring 2009
Red Tremmel, Summer 2009
Megan Bayles and Achy Obejas, Winter 2010
Claudia Hart, Summer 2010
Shira Chess, Summer 2010
Jean Friedman-Rudovsky, Fall 2010
Lisa Biggs, Winter 2011
Lenelle Moise, Fall 2011
Guerilla Girls, Fall 2011
Daniel Alexander Jones, Fall 2011
Hank Willis Thomas, Spring 2012 

Institute/Columbia College Chicago Faculty and Student Fellows
Stephanie Shonekan, Faculty Winter 2006
Misty DeBerry, Student January (J Term) 2007
K. Bradford, Faculty Summer 2007
Teresa Prados-Torreira, Faculty Spring/Summer 2008
Tami "Tamale" Sepp, Student Spring 2009
Natalie Y. Moore, Faculty Fall 2009
Elena Valussi, Faculty Winter 2010

Institute/Goodman Theatre Fellows
Ifa Bayeza, Inaugural/Spring 2007
Tanya Saracho, Fall 2007
Nambi E. Kelley, Summer 2008
Lynn Nottage, Fall 2008
Kia Corthron, Spring 2009

Institute/3Arts Fellows
Silvia Malagrino, Spring 2010
Christine Tarkowski, Winter 2010

School of Liberal Arts and Sciences/Institute Faculty Fellows
Katharine J. Hamerton, PhD, Spring 2014
Ames Hawkins, PhD, Spring 2014
Erin McCarthy, PhD, Spring 2014