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Practice is a studio journal designed to document research projects that happen within the Center for Book and Paper Arts studios among visiting artists, faculty, and students. Reflecting just a fraction of the work being done in our studios, Practice is an ongoing documentation of particularly inventive, research-driven, or collaborative studio projects, combined with investigations into the history and future of the artist’s book and hand papermaking. 

practice 1

Practice 1 | Spring 2012

The first issue presents several perspectives on the journey that brought Venezuelan Yanomami artist Sheroanawë Hakihiiwë to our paper studio, and the reciprocal engagement of our students and faculty with artists and fabricators in Caracas. Contributors include Melissa Potter, Maggie Puckett, Laura Anderson Barbata






Practice 2 | Summer 2012

The second issue of Practice details the realization of Four Monologues, and the collaborative process as poet Aram Saroyan works with students from different areas of the college to create both an artists' book of his work and a complementary performative component. Contributors include Steve Woodall, Aram Saroyan, Paul Shaw, Don Share, Hannah E. King




Practice 3


PRACTICE 3 | Spring 2013

In 2012, we mounted Material Assumptions: Paper as Dialogue, an exhibition for which we commissioned artworks in handmade paper by thirteen artists alongside important works from the collection of Dieu Donne, New York. As part of a course led by Jessica Cochran and Melissa Potter, graduate students served as curatorial assistants and hand produced the paper for each artist. This report describes the background and outcomes of this multi-layered exhibition project. Contributions by Melissa Potter, Jessica Cochran, Elizabeth Isakson-Dado