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SE Asia

This is an intensive course, designed for students with a sense of adventure and a commitment to international exploration. We will spend 3 weeks in two of Asia's top urban centers: Singapore, and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (called Saigon by many). Our goal is to fully experience both the vibrant diversity of Singapore, which was recently dubbed Asia’s ‘Art Hub’, as well as the rich history of Vietnam which has a unique relationship to the United States. Course activities will include site-visits to cultural institutions, museums and artists’ studios, meetings with local artists and curators, workshops and tours. Students will complete assigned readings and active discussions on multiple topics. The class is taught in collaboration with Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore. Students from the two countries will travel and work together. Students will also collaborate to produce photography-based projects based on their interests. The work will be presented in exhibition in Singapore and Chicago.


This is an intensive course, designed for students with a sense of adventure and a commitment to international exploration. Students will spend approximately three weeks creating a portfolio of work in the Netherlands.  Once arriving in the Netherlands the group will spend two weeks of photography tuition under the guidance of Columbia College and Fotovakschool faculty. Students will have the opportunity to work with their Dutch colleagues as they learn about location photography skills in the port city of Rotterdam and art center of Amsterdam. Students will also learn about Dutch historical and contemporary photography practice at such institutions as Foam Gallery and Netherlands Fotomuseum.

Acceptance based on student’s submission of an application.
Pre-requisite Foundations of Photo, 23-1111, or comparable experience.
Students who have not taken 23-1111, contact Liz Chilsen echilsen@colum.edu

Session: Tentative Dates on-site – June 6 to June 27, 2014

Important dates:

Now: Apply for your passport if you do not already have one. OR Check the date on your current passport to make sure it is valid AT LEAST until January 1, 2015.
February 1 – March 6, 2014: Meet with your faculty adviser to discuss your study abroad options.
March 6, 2014: Application distributed to students at Info sessions, and will be available via download.
March 14, 2014: Deadline for submission of completed application. Follow all instructions carefully.
April 1, 2014: Student notifications for acceptance to class.
Accepted students will be authorized to register into the class.
Wait-listed students will be given information about further applicable deadlines.
April 7, 2014: Initial Deposit DUE on program Fees (payable via CCC Cashier)
Monday, April 7, 2014: Summer Registration begins.
Students accepted to the class must pay their deposit on this date.
Students must also register for the course.
April 14, 2014: Students must be registered for the course by this date.
April 21, 2014: Balance of Program Fees DUE
April 21, 2014: Registration Deadline. Visa Application DUE - NOTE: If you intend to travel to other countries in Asia after the class ends, you must also apply for any needed visas by this date.
May 1, 2014: After this date, no refund can be guaranteed.
May 9, 2014: Any outstanding forms must be submitted to Photo Office.